SuzanneĀ Vincent: Psychic MediumĀ 
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Psychic Sisters Suzanne Vincent and Jean Mckenzie Vincent for the past 25 years have worked as  Psychic Mediums,Psychic Profilers, Ghost Hunters and Psychic Criminal Investigators and have been successful at locating missing persons and profiling criminals.We are currently  Investigating the disappearance of Ray Gricar the missing  D.A. who disappeared while investigating Jerry Sandusky and Penn State. We are also investigating the disaperance of  Michelle Parker, Monicia Bowie, Alicia Markovich, Haleigh Cummings , Madeline McCann. We were also consulted  for our expertise on the cases of Caylee Marie AnthonyHaleigh Cummings, Cherrie Mahan,  Christine Sheddy, Audie Murphy, Donald Liscak, James Stack II, Aliyah Lunsford,  Monica Bowie, Chandra Levy, Whitney Bennett,Madeline McCann, Alicia Markovich, Shawn Bauer, Scott Fosnaught, Chuck Owinski, Kelly Nicole Smith, Mickey Sheller , Missing Nurse Paul Kochu and Florida Mom Michelle Parker, Amanda Berry missing  from Cleveland. We were pivotal breaking the  murder case of John Yelenic, the dentist in Blairsville, PA.  

My Sister and I started our journey in The Puritan Spiritualist Church, Anna Gross, the Pastor, saw a gift in us as mediums by the age of 12, so our mother Margaret, began taking us to this church for mediumship training. We participated in parapsychology classes in Clearwater, Florida. We were developing our  psychic abilities every day.  We were doing Psychic Readings for friends and neighbors and people at the church, that is how we began.We were always encouraged to help people with our gifts being  Psychic Mediums, we have abilities in clairvoyance, medical intuitive, precognitive, aura , remote viewing and  Ghost Hunting.

Here I am, inside the home of the late John Yelenic. He was a dentist in Blairsville,PA  who was viciously murdered. I am getting impressions of the crime scene for Indiana, PA and Blairsville, PA law enforcement, the Tribune Review, Channel 4 News team, family members (MaryAnne Clark) and neighbor (Melissa Uss) and a film crew working on a documentary                                                                                                                 

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